Background – Band

Band name:

Band parading at streets of Osaka in 2015

Kyoto Tachibana Senior High School Band, commonly abbreviated to Kyoto Tachibana S.H.S. Band (in Japanese: 京都橘高等高校 吹奏楽部) (see more about Kyoto Tachibana high school here).

They are fondly nicknamed as “Orange Devils” (in Japanese: オレンジの悪魔) due to their trademark full-orange uniform and tendency of winning band competitions.


Orange Devils in Disneyland Park, Anaheim with their trademark orange uniform

When working under the auspices of Green Band Association during their trips to US in 2005, 2011-12 and 2017-18 they use the name “Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band” (see more of the 2011-12 trip here, and of the 2017-18 trip here).

Band motto is: “Full of Energy, Smiles and Dreams” (=”Genki Ippai, Egao Ippai, Yume Ippai”).

In addition the band creates also annual motto:
2007: Line of DANCE
2008: Swing With Us!
2009: Let’s Dance All
2010: Catch Your Heart
2011: Share Best Smile
2012: We Are Entertainer
2013: Hit Like Sunshine
2014: Dreams Come True
2015: Hearts Are One
2016: Trust Way
2017: Do My Best
2018: Make Magic
2019: Wish in Bloom

Battle cry: “Tachibana tension!”

(see more of “Tachibana tension!” from the interview here, scroll down to “Battle Cry”)

Band Synopsis:

Band in very early years

Kyoto Tachibana High School Concert Band was founded by legendary professor Hisashi Hiramatsu in 1961 and it soon evolved to one of the oldest female Marching Bands in Japan (see info on their 50th Anniversary Concert in 2012 here, in Japanese).

Band is formed out of students in the school Wind Music Club and has 107 members (2018) from which typically only handful are boys. Wind Club activities are traditionally preferred by girls in Japan (boys tend to go to baseball or soccer clubs). They train before and after school hours as well as in weekends, holidays included, and are regular participant in All-Japan Marching Contest (3 National Gold Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2015, 3 National Silver Awards in 2007, 2011, 2014). First overseas trip took place in 1975 to Harrogate, UK, and later the band has visited Hawai’i every three years from 1981 (first to Maui and from 1998 to Kaua’i). They participated at the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, California in 2012 (see more here) and at the 129th Tournament of Roses Parade in 2018 (see more here).

For more detailed information of band history and current activities please see the “Tachibana Interview” -article series (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5).


– Band Director Yutaka Kaneshiro (2018-):

Yutaka Kaneshiro (photo by Masayuki Arakawa (GENROQ))

Music Teacher, Band Director and Wind Club Advisor (2018-): Yutaka Kaneshiro (兼城 裕). Born in 1979. Worked as a music teacher and the director of wind music clubs at public senior high schools in Kyoto for ten years. For the recent six years, he taught music and directed the wind music club at Kyoto Prefectural Hokuryō Senior High School (website, Wikipedia, band introduction is here).

See news article of his appointment here, and interview here.

– Band Director Hiroyuki Tanaka (1995-2018):

Band Director and Wind Club Advisor (1995-2018): Hiroyuki Tanaka. Born August 17, 1958 in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, alumnus of Osaka College of Music.

After resigning Tachibana in March 2018 he went working at Toyonaka Municipal First Junior High School (see more of that here).

Social media:
facebook (old, Tachibana-era),
facebook (new, after moving to Toyonaka Municipal First Junior School),
Twitter (for confirmed followers only).

Tanaka-sensei speech makes the audience roaring with laughter (in Japanese way) (video by 慶次郎前田, starts at 0:10):

Click picture to watch video

– Founding Director Hisashi Hiramatsu (1961-1995):

Professor Hisashi Hiramatsu (photo by Masayuki Arakawa (GENROQ))

Founding Director (1961-1995): Hisashi Hiramatsu (平松久司). Born January 1, 1935 in Aichi Prefecture. Alumnus of Kunitachi College of Music, trumpetist at Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. Former chairman of All-Japan Band Association, honorary Chairman of Green Band Association and Special Advisor of the Wind Music Club.

See his interview here, and Wikipedia entry (in Japanese) is here.

Professor Hiramatsu addressing audience in 2012 in La Palma, California when band attended the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade (video by Music123, introductions starts at 30:38):

Click picture to watch video

– Assistant Band Director Akemi Hayami:

Akemi Hayami (photo by Masayuki Arakawa (GENROQ))

Assistant Band Director and Assistant Wind Club Advisor: Akemi Hayami (早見 明美). Japanese Teacher. Chief of Guidance and Counselling. She is responsible for general affairs of the Wind Music Club.

See her interview here and her introduction at school site here (in Japanese)..

– Band Coach Hirofumi Yokoyama:

Hirofumi Yokoyama (photo by Masayuki Arakawa (GENROQ))

Band coach Hirofumi Yokoyama (横山弘文): Born in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture in 1962. Studied in US and took part in the competition of Drum Corps International (DCI). Alumnus of Osaka College of Music. Freelance marching instructor for about 30 senior high school bands in Japan. Music Director of the Green Band Association (GBA).

See his interview here.

– Drum Majors:

The band votes the future drum major from the freshmen in October of their first school year. She will serve as an assistant to Drum Major during her 2nd year, and will finally be promoted to full Drum Major for her 3rd (senior) year. Main responsibility of the Drum Major is to arrange and supervise all training of the band. When using the orange uniform Drum Major can be recognized by her silver-lined shawl.

Band Drum Majors in recent years:
2020: ?
2019: Kurisu-san, “Palinpu” (パりんぷ), plays flute
2018: Kusaka-san, “Okazel” (🙂かツェル★彡), plays clarinet
2017+Rose Parade 2018: Nagao-san, “Ron”, plays clarinet
2016: Okada-san, “Pimo”, plays flute
2015: Okamoto-san, “Cony”, plays trombone
2014: Fujiwara-san, “Maazef” plays French horn
2013: Saitō-san, “Ion”, plays saxophone
2012: Yamaguchi-san, “Maiya”, plays flute
2011+Rose Parade 2012: Asada-san, “Horacha”, plays clarinet

Pictures of Tachibana Drum Majors from 1996 (lower right) to 2018 (upper right) by Tachibana SHS Band Fan Brasil (see also his facebook post here):

See more details of the Wind Music Club organization from the interview here.

Music and style:

The music the band plays is almost entirely Western, starting from gospel and big band era classics, and ending to evergreen pop songs and recent chart hits with heavy dose of Disney tunes interspersed. Music is chosen bearing in mind the expected preferences of the audience and how easy it is to adapt to the band dancing style. The regular parade program is about 15 minutes long and if needed it will be rolled over.

Based on encouragement of Yokoyama-coach the band trademark dancing style was invented in 2005 by snare drummer band member Kōhei Shiba (芝公平) who was inspired by “Burn the Floor” ballroom dance show, and since then all dance moves are choreographed by band members themselves resulting to the unique Kyoto Tachibana -style of marching which has made the band adored in Japan and overseas. Band has also granted permission to other schools to adopt similar approach to their brass bands, such bands are Izumo Business High School Wind Orchestra and Ōnishi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School Brass Band.

See also interview here fore more details on band music and style.

(large collection of original versions of music Tachibana plays can be found in this playlist)

The trademark song of the band which is practically always performed is “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” made famous by Benny Goodman in 1937. The physically demanding choreography is credited to Class 102 euphonist Seiji Nakao (中尾征爾) (see here). This wild dance is sometimes performed in parades as a standstill number but usually it is the last song (or encore) of any stage/field show and ends with traditional “Tachibana Plow” -formation and “Ey!”-shout (video by I LOVE BRASS; starts at 6:30):

Click picture to watch video

Tachibana parade nearly always starts with century old gospel tune “Down By the Riverside” which tells you to throw your aggression away and assume more peaceful way of life – what better message to set up proper mood for the band performance (video by 慶次郎前田, starts at 1:15)!

Click picture to watch video

Instead stage/field shows often start with “Winter Games”, 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics theme song by David Foster (video by 慶次郎前田; starts at 0:25):

Click picture to watch video

As an example of newer music here is Pharrell Williams 2013 chart hit “Happy” from animated movie Despicable Me 2 (video by sttaketo, starts at 16:04, and the ending pose at 17:50 is really really good!):

Click picture to watch video

Oldie hit songs of the program are represented here by “The Loco-Motion” made famous in 1988 by Kylie Minogue (video by I LOVE BRASS; starts at 3:06):

Click picture to watch video

Disney Medley is integral part of any event and they play the catchiest tunes about 30s each and you can have fun listening e.g: “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” (from movie Cinderella), “Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee” (from movie Pinocchio), “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” (from sequels of movie Three Little Pigs) or “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (from movie Mary Poppins) (video by Marschtanz63; medley is between 5:18-10:57, and again 20:23-25:28, see detailed set list here):

Click picture to watch video

Movie music has not been forgotten either, here band takes on Star Wars with few bars of “Main Theme” followed by “Cantina Theme” (video by I LOVE BRASS, starts at 10:40)… ooh no! don’t fall down!! (at 11:24):

Click picture to watch video

There is certain preference to South American music in the choices of the band and here they go exploring mambo and what better way to do that than playing “¡Qué rico el mambo!” by Pérez Prado, the King of the Mambo! (video by I LOVE BRASS, starts at 5:48):

Click picture to watch video

Japanese-origin music is a rarity in the band events but here is “Moonlight Densetsu” from the famous magical girl anime series of the 90s, Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon (video by st.taketo; starts at 0:30):

Click picture to watch video

Stage/field shows in general are events where band performs larger selection of music, here as an example Glenn MillerIn The Mood” (starts at 7:31, video by I LOVE BRASS):

Click picture to watch video


Over the decades the band uniform has of course been changed several times (see more details in this interview). The band current trademark orange uniform was designed in 1981 by band alumna Yamashita-san and is considered a symbol of luck and therefore worn in all conpetitions the band participates in. Color comes from Citrus tachibana -fruit (mandarine-like fruit growing native in south-western Japan) and the white hair ribbon represents the petals of the flower of the fruit (video by おーじろー2):

Click picture to watch video

Blue-gold uniform has been the other main uniform but the band has not been seen wearing it since the end of 2016 (video by 慶次郎前田):

Click picture to watch video

Blue happi-coat/white skirt combination (“Hawai’i uniform”) is used only rarely as band does not have enough of them for the whole band any more (video by MIKAN):

Click picture to watch video

For winter-time cheering duties to support school soccer and volleyball teams band uses strikingly red jackets with tracksuit pants (video by stakketo):

Click picture to watch video

In some occasions black tracksuit pants and white T-shirts are used too (e.g. at Brass Expo -event) (video by 慶次郎前田):

Click picture to watch video

In some events the members of percussion wear also black tabard on top of their uniforms (video by きりのんch):

Click picture to watch video

Regular events of the band over the year:

(see also this interview for more detailed account of the band activities over the year)

The first outdoor parade after winter break (and the last event of the school year) is typically Kyoto Sakura Parade late March. This is exciting for the fans as it is the first time we can see the new Drum Major and what changes are made to the routine for the year (video by I LOVE BRASS):

Click picture to watch video

School year starts in April and late that month freshmen join parade in Blumen Hügel Farm in their school uniforms marching behing the band clapping hands (video by 慶次郎前田):

Click picture to watch video

Freshmen playing debut takes usually place couple of weeks later in early May in Brass Expo. You can recognize them by their shiny white T-shirts… (video by 慶次郎前田):

Click picture to watch video

In June the band typically participates in “Brass Band of 3000” Event at Kyocera Dome, Osaka (video by I LOVE BRASS):

Click picture to watch video

Fall is dedicated for All-Japan Band Competition (August) and All-Japan Marching Contest Qualifications in September and National Final in November (see more of AJBA Competitions here) (video by Marschtanz63):

Click picture to watch video

There are rarely outdoor events December-February but the band has usually several indoor stage shows, as an example the very popular Regular Concert at Christmas time which is also the last performance of the 3rd year students who then retire from the band in a ceremony in January.


Wind club introduction at school website (in Japanese) is here.

Band Twitter (in Japanese, unfortunately looks like it is defunct) is here.

School telephone switchboard:

Band postal address:

京都橘高等高校 吹奏楽部
〒612-8026 京都市伏見区桃山町伊賀50

Telefax number to the band:

addressed to: 京都橘高等高校 吹奏楽部

Please note that the school does not pass on messages to the individual band members.


148 thoughts on “Background – Band

  1. Hi. KTHSB, sensational, amazing. The best of the best.
    Question. What happened with the wonderful band. I don’t see new video’s, long time ago. Can I know, what happened. Thanks you much.


    • Suggest you go to Fan Corner and read the comments there, that is the main discussion area.

      Generally, during this time of the year, videos tend to be scarce as they are preparing for the All Japan Band Association competition qualifiers that will be held in September. Also, it appears that due to more restrictions on photography being implemented, it is likely that not many, if any, videos of indoor performances will be available moving forward.


  2. Me encantan…son fantásticos,me gustaría no nombren a cada uno de los integrantes de la banda…los ví hace un mes por Youtube y los sigo siempre…deben tocar un tango…Y venir a la Argentina.. aplaudo lo que hacen.. soy Martín,mis saludos desde San Juan,REPUBLICA ARGENTINA!!!!


  3. I loved watching this big music band on YouTube I can’t stop watching it listening to it so much I’ll drink every mother of all music bands out there around the world I’ll give him moving staff to each kid although I do can’t stop watching it loving it you should try them on TV programme You’ve Got Talent but that enjoy that and then we get the Golden buzzer and win I love watching this music band thank you a lot 😅😍😅😍😅😍😍😍


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  5. I really enjoyed the first performance of the year at the volleyball court, even though it was just the second and third year band members. The music and dance were fun. I haven’t seen the performance since then. Did I miss something?


  6. Until I saw this band in a video taken at the 2018 Rose Bowl I was never interested in big band music. I knew who Glen Miller was but that’s about all. Since then I have become a fan of this school band. I have watched many, many videos that contain this band. I have watched videos of parades that included band from other schools. I have tried to compare then but there is no comparisons. Being a bit slow sometimes it took me a while to figure out why. Those smaller band most times play good but they don’t have the quantity of instruments that the KT band has. Quantity has major effect on the quality of sound produced. Also, the music they produce is better. They are very crisp and the volume of air they put through those horns is incredible. Their dance steps are just as crisp, with everyone in step. It is easy to see that they spend a lot of time practicing both the music and the dancing. Some of those bands just look like a group of people walking along playing something. A lot of their songs I don’t recognize. But it is probably Japanese music. The KT band plays mostly American music so I can recognize it. So it is no surprise that they are always the last band in line. No one wants to follow them.
    I just watched a video that had a Junior High band that sounded good. They had t-shirts in all shades of pastel colors and looked like Easter Eggs walking along. The band wasn’t big but they did have a good sound. The march stopped in front of the one taking the video and while they were there they started playing the Marine’s Hymen. it surprised me that they would play that.
    I have become attached to several of the members. First, the xylophone player in the marching band but in a concert she moves to almost any instruments in the percussion section. For the ending piece she is one the triple drums and pounds the heck out of them. I think I read that her name was “Tippi” and she seemed to be a fan favorite. Several others I liked too but since I don’t know all the names of the instruments I couldn’t tell you who they were, except they had black hair. I also like the way that they give high fives to the fans as they walk by, when they can. I especially like the fact they when the are marching and have a free moment they will step out of formation to high five a child. I am very impressed about that.
    I am now a fan of Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band.

    P.S. I have seen brass turn green before. That usually means it needed cleaning. At least that is what the D.I. said, along with telling me how many push-ups he wanted.

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    • John Edwards & SHS KU CINTO

      Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tachibana! Always nice to see new readers of the blog, yes…It is a marvelous group of students that devote so much of their time, energy and passion to the “wind club” I’d like to recommend you read the 5 interviews posted on the blog, it will answer most of your questions, and if you already have, then you know the basics of how it all works together, and what we can and can’t do here on the blog. If you have any further questions please ask in the Fan Corner, as that is where most of the “chat” takes place.
      Welcome again….and enjoy your time here.


      • I have watched many videos taken of the KT band marching and putting on a concert. Some of the videos seem to be taken in a baseball stadium. The one student I have been keying on is the one named “Tippi”. I love watching her because the always has the biggest smile and most times showing the most movement. At many shows she is bouncing and swaying with the music even when she is not actively playing. At one show in Japan, either just before or just after they came for the Rose Bowl Parade they were about to play “It’s a Small World”. Tippi was on the cymbals(I think that’s their name) She wasn’t to play until late in the song but from the start she was swaying with the music. I don’t think anyone on the band got so into their music the way Tippi did.
        I watch the percussion section a lot, when I can as I am always at the mercy of the one taking the video. And I have noticed that the performers move between instruments a lot. I never knew why, each one seems to be just as good as an other with one exception, I noticed that whichever instrument Tippi was on produced the most racket. I assumed that was by design. Sometimes when the band is off in the distance, so far that I couldn’t distinguished one band member from another I always waited until they started Sing Sing Sing. Then I could tell if Tippi was still there and what instrument she was playing, because it always made the most noise.
        At first I started looking at the KT band as a male and noticed the short skirts. Later as I kept watching my feelings begin to change. Now I love these kids and am just as proud of them as if they were my granddaughters out there marching. I was a bit concerned that they play a piece, I think it is ‘Gangnam Style’ and they do the squat and march a few steps in that pose. At first I noticed that they all had on their long Gym pants. But I recently saw a outdoor parade with them in the short skirts doing the number. I was angry that the school would have them doing that in a short skirt, even though I know they have on shorts under it. I felt the same way when it really was my daughter doing something similar. I know I am in danger of gushing but at 68 I am old enough to feel this way.


    • I’ve read so many comments here and agree with all the ones I read. I chose John’s to reply to because it’s one of the latest and he hit the nail on the head with Tippi-or whomever the xylophone player is, WOW, she’s the first one I notice too. She rocks and is infectious with her energy, smile, and skill. She even makes the drummer grin. I called her, little drummer girl. I’ve noticed others too. Granted they are all beautiful and talented, but I know, true grit, little t, little big horn, slim 1 and slim 2, both play bigger horns, and Solo, who has inspired me to take up her horn. I just wish I could play as well as her.
      I never thought for a minute that I would become a groupee for anyone or anything, but wow, people call me Killer, this is a Killer band if ever there was one, so awesome and such a treat. I’m also not a prideful man, but I act like they are my kids, my friends out there and I love it when they are really appreciated and cheered for. They deserve all the accolade, I’ve watch behind the scenes work. I’m starting to learn Japanese as well, we’ll see how that goes. I want to thank all those who make these kids who and how they are, thank you so much. I watch them daily. Even writing this, is something I normally wouldn’t do.
      Orang devils, mm, I’m a bee keeping-green too. I think they’re more like honey bees. They work so hard and produce such golden nectar. If anyone ever harms one of these sweet girls, I hope they feel the sting. Best wishes, Killer.


  7. I’ve never been so interested into a marching band at all, even I don’t have such knowledge about what are they playing at all, the music, the song and the instrument I know nothing. all I know is just they play some music with a variety of instrument and with a group of people together, when I was a kid the first time I watch a marching band I was amazed they was so cool with the formation and all those instrument sound, but.. its just it. I forget that a moment later.
    its been a week now and I nearly have watch them all related to KT green band, even its still playing while I typing this now, and even more I watch the reaction about their training which is in japan tv with no subtitle and I watch them entirely which 1 hours long without understanding a single word they are saying, but i do understand how they put their pain, effort, and hardwork into an amazingly incredible unbelievable remarkable magnificent performance!
    all those heartwarming smiles, those cute dance, cute voice, outstanding music performance (while dancing), those complicated position formation, those lungs, backbone and legs power effort to hold those heavy instruments, while matching up with the beat while dancing, walking, jumping, spinning, rolling and blowing, and so much other difficult thing that can be done BY A KAWAII JAPAN SCHOOL GIRL!
    It was really shame for me as a grown up guy who passed out just to stand in the middle the field of direct sunlight (physically weak)
    Thank you and so much appreciated to all those teacher, parents, brother, sister, family, government, school, pets, etc. for supporting the existence of Kyoto Tachibana SHS Green Band from year to year!
    I really enjoy all of your performance with all my heart, I cried, I laughed, I cheered, I clapped, I sing, I dance, I smile, and repeat. brightens my day!
    please if anyone know how to contact them screenshot this message for them, they fill the hole in my heart.
    And last thing I suggest to make their group commercial! whether its alumni or not. and make an official account!
    you wont regret that minasan arigatou gozaimasu!

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    • I know how you feel. I’ve been hooked for over 2.5 years and it’s not going away. I have to have a “Fix” everyday..LOL


      • I watched a John Wayne movie called The Undefeated where Wayne’s crew rounded up 3000 horses and drove them to Mexico. The is the only place I saw more pony tails bouncing up and down than you see when KT goes dancing by. Someone once posted on YouTube that to be in the percussion section you had to be part jumping bean. I think all those kids have jumping beans sewn into the waist bands of their uniforms.

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    • The loco motion song was made famous by Little Eva from the USA in the mid 60’s, Kylie just covered it. This band is talent + dedication + practice= perfection.

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  8. Found a great video on YouTube in Russian, but if you turn on the Closed Captioning, you can get English subtitles. Has some interesting observations/commentary, but it also has clips of a Japanese program (in 2011) that showed the band members training. It brought tears to my eyes watching them working so hard and struggling & perserving:

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    • If you mouse over Events at the top of the page and click on Events of 2019 in the drop down menu, you will find a list of publicly confirmed events that KT will be attending. However, to-date they have only confirmed events up to May. This list is updated by orangedevilsfan as and when additional information is available.


  9. I discovered this great band last year. Their skill and joy they show in their performances always nearly move me to tears of joy and sighs: I am 54, and passed half of my life in deep depression because a neighbour killed my parents, and the fact and the lack of justice here in Italy ruined the life of me and my sister. Now I feel I have to discover again the joy of life to do the things that I couldn’t do before, and relief the pain giving joy to myself and to persons who can feel beauty. Years passed can’t come back, but since now on I want to see more and more their performances to gain energy. I would like to know their names one by one, all of them, to say :”Thank You!” to each one. I hope, when I will pass away, that I could leave to the world something beautiful lasting through the years, like the things they also leave to us. I say Thank You with my heart in my hands, boys and girls of Tachibana SHS. Love from Italy.

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  10. Kyoto Tachibana bridges the gap between Japan and the rest of the world. When American students watch the precision and hard practice that goes into your organization, it is only then that one can appreciate what joy you bring sounding and moving as ONE together. In a way, you have become the all-girl “K-POP” sensation of Japan with your style, dance, American music and smiles. Your country should be very proud of you sharing your good-will and love for your talent all over the world. It doesn’t matter where all of us are from or where we are going but it is the love of the band instrument that binds us all together. May your organization be forever blessed with success.

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  11. Dear Kyoto Tachibana S.H.S. Band, it would be an understatement to write that I was blown away the first time I saw a video of your band another or so ago from last year’s Disneyland parade and the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. As the former Director of the United States Navy Band, Newport, Rhode Island, in the United States, and from 2000-2010 the announcer for the Rutgers University Marching Scarlet Knights in New Brunswick, New Jersey, I thought I understood what could be done by a marching band. Your band has changed my mind forever! It is not just your choreography but the SOUND of the band while dancing/marching! Incomparable to any other band I have ever heard anywhere in the world. Someday if I ever get the chance to visit Japan, I will make certain I will coordinate my visit with one of your show dates. Please let your band members know that they have a real and lifelong fan here in the United States!
    Sincerely Yours,
    John C. Baker, CAPTAIN, United States Navy (retired)

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    • I am a former USCG band member and I also felt very moved by this organization. If only we could instill our students minds to put down the electronic devices and show them that practice certainly makes perfect. Kyoto Tachibana made me feel the way you do, John. They were amazing to listen to and watch and they are the prime example of what the words “one sound, one group” means in music. Your words were very kind and accurate. I wish I had that much precision sound just in marching let alone dancing!!

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  12. Hi there! I love the KT Band! You all are doing some excellent work and it shows!

    I am a high school band director in the Bay Area of California, and I am wondering if you (or any of your directors) ever would consider doing a teacher exchange where one of your teachers would come teach at my school for a semester/year and I could come teach at your school for that same semester/year? I have marching band experience, but I’d love to learn some new techniques from you to move my marching band into performing the way the KT Band does!

    Also, if there is a better place to email/call about this, please let me know. I would really like to work with you all out there. Thank you for reading this and getting back to me if possible!!


    • It would be difficult to replicate KT, especially in California. You are seeing the result of a lot of hard work and self-discipline that would be difficult to find among students in an American university, much less among Bay Area high schoolers. The societies and the schools are just not enough alike. It would be like trying to graft a branch from a Sequoia onto a mesquite.

      The KT students make that investment to become part of a tradition which has evolved over decades — which you wouldn’t have — and it’s pretty much self-generating now. New members come into an already-operating organization, run by the older members — the adults are mostly just there to keep them between the lines.


    • Japanese band participation under the Green Band Association banner is rotated amongst different bands / clubs every year. The group representing for 2019 will be made up of members from 6 high schools in Izumo Province. The last time KT appeared in the Rose Parade was in January 2012 so if they maintain the same time interval their next appearance will be 2024.


        • I could watch them every year. I do not see how they could remember all the music, remember which steps to do with every piece of music, do all that dancing without damaging their lips and have enough breath left to produce the volume of music that they do.. AMAZING


  13. Hola! A todos los integrantes de esa gran banda! Un saludó desde Puerto Rico. Me llamo
    Ana Hernández y soy estudiante del conservatorio de música de Puerto Rico. Mi instrumento es la flauta traversa . Los felicito por su estupenda ejecución como banda .
    Yo realizaré un viaje a Japón del 23 de abril a Mayo 8 . Me gustaría me informara si para ese tiempo ustedes realizarán una presentación como lo demuestra sus videos.
    Gracias, por su atención.


    • ※2018 this year
      3.25 kyoto★sakura parade

      4.25 shiga★blumen hugel
      5.4 biwako classic festival (a ticket needed soon sold out)
      5.13 osaka★osaka brass expo(heavey rain not held)

      6.23 3000 people (ticket needed)

      sorry,I have no 2019 events
      “ a Japon del 23 de abril a Mayo 8 .”

      If you have double lucks,
      You could watch ★blumen or ★brass expo
      I think both events are 2 of KT’s main some events without heavy rainny day.
      osaka,kyoto,shiga,in Kansai. If you could,please learn the rail ways of kansai area.

      Buena comida!


    • Hello, it’s not the official site nor official blog of KT band but stay tune here then you’ll be able to get good information about the band including their schedule near that time… though CurioJapan gave you the important information already, as CurioJapan said, I think the parade in the ブルーメの丘 (Blumen Hügel) around April would be best event for you considering your schedule plan.


  14. Suggestions to ODF: 2 gentlemen’s name have been mentioned for the credit of the choreography, they are all professional musicians these days and the mentions wouldn’t annoying some of our visitors for sure. I am afraid you mis-type Mr. 芝公平’s family name as Sima when he should be called Kohei Shiba in western style and Mr. Seiji Nakao’s name in Kanji is 中尾征爾, his personal name is the same with no other than the world famous musician/conductor Maestro 小澤征爾/Seiji Ozawa.


  15. Can anybody answer me about the DM of junior year who’s going to be the FINAL DM next year ?
    According to the information here about DM of recent years, it’s being said that …
    —> 2019: “Palinpu” (ぱりんぷ), plays flute

    but when I saw the interview with the director Akemi-san, she said that the student who was bearing the green-band association flag during the rose parade was junior year’s DM elected last year but I can’t find her in recent parade videos nowhere… so can anybody let me know who’s exactly the next DM and which instrument she plays ??
    I thought she plays the saxophone but it seems not… I guess…. quite confused…..


    • The girl carrying the Green Band Association flag during the Rose Parade is visible in some of the Sakura Parade videos playing the piccolo. She normally plays the flute but until the new members joined, I am guessing there was no piccolo player available amongst the current 2nd and 3rd year members.


      • Oh… it means she is the 116th class DM…. right ?? I was wondering who’s DM of class116 and finally I got to know that she is SHE who was reffered to as DM of 115class and was carrying green band flag and said to be normally playing flute.


      • By the way, interestingly a girl who playing flute just in front of her in Sakura parade was played piccolo last year (23rd Nov)… not sure why they have switched the instruments in Sakura parade then….


        • Dennis, Changing from flute to piccolo is very common with most players of the instruments, if they are willing to do so. Sort of like the Eb Clarinet and the Bb Clarinet, or Trumpet to Coronet or a bit more difficult would be Trumpet to French Horn, while the fingering for the most part remains the same, unless its a ‘double’ French Horn, its done with a different hand.


  16. Hola. Me gustó mucho ver como tocan y bailan a la vez esos distinguidos chicos y chicas. Hace un buen trabajo felicitaciones… Ustedes son lo mejor que he visto en mi vida… Me enamore de su banda y la alegría que entregan sus intérpretes musicales… Soy su fans número 1 en Chile… Muchos abrazos… Me alegran la vida… Gracias.


  17. Hi…
    Is there anyone who knows the Japanese character they use on their white t-shirts (on the front)?
    Thinking it has a special meaning? But my ability in Japanese is not enough to translate it.


    • Good afternoon. I live in Brasil and I´m a huge fan of Tachibana SHS. Fisrt of all, cogratulations for your profissionalism, and beautiful work . I´d like to know how can I get a Tachibana ShS Band t-shirt or coat. I´ve been looking for it on shopping sites but I don´t find it.


      • Jose Antonio Serra Arteiro: Unfortunately there’s no such thing as official merchandising in the Japanese High school Bands as far as i know, they are just a normal japanese students who study music in music Clubs and sometimes perform and enroll in national tournaments.
        So yeah, i think it is just not a thing there. We all wants some kind of merch and some goods from our beloved band to support them. But as far as i know the Yearly school donation is the only way to support them, then again the page itself is only in japanese and there is no such thing as something in return for us the fans.
        I guess it comes back to my first point, they consider themselves just a regular high school music club band. So i don’t think they would go commercial and become a kind of idol, since their main priority is study.


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