US Visit 2017-18 (Rose Parade)

Thank You, Tachibana!!!

“They are going to light up the street, I’ll tell you!”

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2017 was the 115th anniversary of Kyoto Tachibana High School (see Anniversary Website here, in Japanese) and therefore suitable time for the band to visit US again as they were invited to attend 129th Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, California New Year’s Day 2018 (see more of their first Rose Parade performance 2011-12 here). This time the band came to US with 200 members making it the largest Japanese band to attend the Rose Parade, and likely also the largest band formation Kyoto Tachibana has ever put together.

(quote above by President of 2017-2018 Executive Committee of the Tournament of Roses Lance Tibbet, see his interview here).

Tachibana Front Team:

Drum Major: Ron (114th Class DM, clarinet)
Drum Major: Piimo (113th Class DM, flute)
Drum Major: Cony (112th Class DM, trombone)

Flag bearers:
National flag: Okazel (115th Class DM, clarinet)
GBA flag: Palinpu (116th Class DM, flute)

KT Banner bearers:
Right: MOON (114th Class, Leader of trombone team)
Left: Ropan (114th Class, percussion)

GBA Banner bearers:
Right: Chiru-ku (115th Class, Club Vice President, clarinet)
Left: Shar-rud (115th Class, French Horn)

Green Band Association Official Video:

Click picture to watch video

The above is the official Rose Parade -video by Green Band Association covering the first 23 minutes of the parade (including the famous Mario-turn).

Documentary of the visit:

Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) has published at their facebook short documentary “Making a Differnce” on Tachibana visit to Rose Parade. Watch it here.

“Return from Rose Parade” -concert:

“Return from Rose Parade” -concert was held at sold-out School Festival Hall on January 21, 2018 at 4pm (photo by school site). Last concert of 114th Class, sayonara! Report of the Rose Parade at school site is here (in Japanese), and an eyewitness story (in Japanese) here. Soundtrack of the concert is here, and the speeches during the concert are translated here.

Tachibana Rose Parade pins

Benefit concert (Green Band Festival):

Click picture to watch video

(all videos found on this event are in this playlist)

Tachibana final event on US soil was the Benefit Concert at Performing Arts Center at John F. Kennedy High School, La Palma, California on January 2, 2018 (video by Music213). Drum Major “Ron” leads the band to stage show opening piece, Otis ReddingI Can’t Turn You Loose” followed by “Soul Finger” by The Bar-Kays. “Ron” was kept very busy as she also took her clarinet and joined the band playing in the clarinet trio (she did the same at Bandfest too).

Tanaka-sensei takes the podium for the orchestral part of the evening starting with some Deep Purple. Do they have “Smoke on the Water“… yes they have “Smoke on the Water“! and before that we hear “Burn” and “Highway Star” (video by Music213):

Click picture to watch video

Then we have Jun’ichi Naitō latest work “Make Your Dreams Come True” which was commissioned by Tachibana and premiered in 54th Regular Concert at School Festival Hall on December 17, 2017 when Tachibana Middle School brass band was conducted by Kazumi Itani (video of the premiere is here, video below by Music213):

Click picture to watch video

Memories of Bandfest: the main theme from the movie Jurassic Park and Disney “It’s a Small World (After All)” (video by Music213). Tanaka-sensei was looking worried and you soon understand why…

Click picture to watch video

Esteemed band founding director professor Hiramatsu took the podium next and conducted Jun’ichi Naitō composition “Prayer and Honor in our Hearts” as he did also 6 years ago (video by Music213):

Click picture to watch video

Tanaka-sensei got back to let us hear some Michael Jackson but didn’t do moonwalk… (video by Music213). We hear “Thriller“, “I’ll Be There” and “I Want You Back“:

Click picture to watch video

Emotional high point was reached when band members went to say farewell to their host families while band played The CarpentersI Need to Be in Love” (video by Music123):

Click picture to watch video

The evening should have concluded to John Philip SousaThe Stars and Stripes Forever” conducted by former John F. Kennedy High School Band Director Robert Anthony… (video by Music213):

Click picture to watch video

…but of course there was encore and what else would it be than “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” (video by Music213):

Click picture to watch video

129th Tournament of Roses Parade:

Click picture to watch video

(all videos found on this event are in this playlist)

New Year’s Day 2018 and for their second visit to Rose Parade the 200-strong all-stars crew of Tachibana marches down the 5½-mile stretch of Colorado Boulevard led by three Drum Majors “Piimo”, “Ron” and “Cony”. In this best video I have ever seen from Rose Parade three videographers (慶次郎前田-san, sttaketo-san and Mark-san) combined their effort and they managed to transport themselves into several spots along the parade route to cover the progress of Tachibana from start to finish! I don’t know how these magical boys got space among curbside crowd but I imagine some nifty judo-moves were needed… At 0:40 you can see professor Hiramatsu heading for a brisk morning walk to celebrate his 83rd birthday. At 27:23, what if the parade stops suddenly? No problem, you just play some standstill “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” to entertain the spectators. At 28:48 “Chippi” does solo dance! And at 35:55 we find the place the local Tachibana Fanclub is standing. At 58:04: finally the finish line! This video shows how Rose Parade should be covered – if you are a fan of one band only.

Another full parade length video by nakosoeki is here: Part 1, Part 2.

And here, listen at 0:40 when the crowd goes wild (video bynippondanji00)! The power of “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)“!

Click picture to watch video

How did “Kurara” do? Here the band is passing Armenian Church which is close to the end of the route and you can see her dancing at 1:48 like this is nothing special. She can do anything!

Click picture to watch video

Here is how the band takes the notoriously nasty 105-degree right turn from Orange Grove Boulevard to Colorado Boulevard (video by Christopher Yee). The theme from Super Mario Bros. got the audience and this move is now called the “Mario Turn”.

Click picture to watch video

And here is the band reaching in the final stretch! And they are still “Happy” (video by Isai Perez):

Click picture to watch video

If you want to follow the band along the route and watch what they were playing where there is a tool developed for that: first download and install Google Earth Pro from here, and then download data file from here and open it with Google Earth. Click pins to see the video of band playing at that spot. This tool was developed to all Tachibana-fans by 818macot-san who will receive our endless gratitude. Similar tool without the requirement to use Google Earth has been developed by Yoshimitu-san and can be found here.

After the parade Golden Star Radio caught up with “Kurara” and she gave short speech (video by Golden Star Radio, translation in the comments):

Click picture to watch video

Also Drum Major “Ron” gave comments to Golden Star Radio: “I am Drum Major of Kyoto Tachibana High School wind music club. We had a special experience to participate in the Rose Parade, and we are very happy with the reactions of U.S. people on the roadside. I think that this experience will be unforgettable memories for the rest of my life. I would like to tell our juniors about the wonder of entertainment I have learned in the USA when I’m back to Japan.” (video by nakosoeki, translation by Ozekal-san):

Click picture to watch video

Replay of the KTLA-stream of the whole 2-hour parade is here. Tachibana comes in at 37-min mark.

38th Annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Bandfest:

Click picture to watch video

(all videos found on this event are in this playlist)

Was this one hell of a show! It is sold-out stadium on December 30, 2017 and we start with “Kurara” (see more of her here) getting special introduction and Drum Major “Ron” taking the podium to lead the band for classic jazz opening with Dizzy GillespieManteca“, but it was Disney “It’s a Small World (After All)” which made audience react to the funny choreography. Then Yokoyama-coach took podium for the main theme from the movie Jurassic Park only to be invaded by orange Godzillas who brought doughnut to Mr Tibbet as birthday present (…I’m not joking here!). The finish was again very delightful “Cantina Theme” from Star Wars followed by the trademark last song “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)“. In the end we have bandpass led by the three Drum Majors, Tanaka-sensei got a drumhead too and band their prize-money (see more here), and “Kurara” took the final bow (video by Music213).

All Saturday afternoon performances in full can bee seen in the video by Pasadena Star News here (Tachibana comes in at 2h12min-mark). Other full Bandfest shows are here: Friday, Saturday morning.

Parade in Disneyland Park:

Click picture to watch video

(all videos found on this event are in this playlist)

First time in full 200-member strength the band marched down Main Street, U.S.A., Disneyland Park on December 29, 2017 led by exclusive lineup of three Drum Majors, “Piimo” (2016), “Ron” (2017) and “Cony” (2015, and the last to bring National Gold to the band). It was a nice touch that the direction was credited not only to Tanaka-sensei and Yokoyama-coach but also band founder professor Hisashi Hiramatsu. We catch the band in the middle of Disney medley and then they go for standstill performance of “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” – Tachibana trademark move (video by Music213). Among the returning alumni you can pick up just in front of the camera the lead drummer of the band from their previous Rose Parade -visit so she is now doing this twice (since graduation she has gone pro with three albums under her belt: Twitter, facebook, blog, online store). Watch band members waving and high-fiving kids at audience (…like “Tippi” at 4:46…), that’s showmanship Tachibana is famous for! Fans of “Kurara” can see her dancing at 7:10. Some additional pictures of percussion are here.

Another view on the same parade (video by Paul Miller). At 4:47 attack by high-fiving tubas!

Click picture to watch video

Visit to Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center:

Orange Devils in Downey, CA. Hope they had time to visit the famous McDonalds there!

Tanaka-sensei led smaller contingent of the band to perform at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center on December 27, 2017 as part of the Tournament of Roses Band Cares -program (see reference of the visit here, Twitter-account of the Band Cares -program is here). See all pictures here (pictures by Band Cares -program Twitter-account). Short video of band playing “Down By the Riverside” by Sara Kiritie facebook is here, and another short video by Band Cares -facebook is here.

Practice at Anaheim Angel Stadium:

Band was practicing at Anaheim Angel Stadium parking lot on December 28, 2017. See pictures by Paul Miller here.

News articles on band visit:

Kyoto Shimbun visited the school and recorded a short video (click picture)

Rafu Shimpō summary article in Japanese (click picture)

The Asahi Shimbun Osaka-edition features “Kurara” in their article

Rafu Shimpō features “Kurara” too (click picture) was impressed by Tachibana cornering choreography (click picture)

Arcadia Weekly noted “dazzling Tachibana” (click picture)

The Orange County Register lists 5 biggest reactions of Rose Parade. Guess what was one of them? (click picture)

Los Angeles Daily News listed 6 best moments of Rose Parade. One band was on the list… (click picture)

Pasadena Star-News focuses on “Kurara” (click picture)

Warming up video by Green Band Association:

Click picture to watch video

Green Band Association (GBA) published full-length version of their earlier video (see that here) used to promote the band at the “Making a Difference” marching band video contest (see more of that here and here). This stage show video will give you a taste what to expect at Bandfest and Benefit Concert, although of course in these events more music is likely to be played.

Rose Parade “Dress Rehearsal”:

Click picture to watch video

On November 23, 2017 the band paraded nearby their school at Fushimi Ōtesuji Shopping Street which could constitute as a “dress rehearsal” for the Tournament of Roses Parade (video by Marschtanz63). See the detailed set list with time-indexes here.

Set list of the above video:
1) Traditional parade opening piece of the band: “Down By the Riverside“;
2)Happy” by Pharrell Williams from animated movie Despicable Me 2;
3)Baroque Hoedown“, the theme song of Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade;
M1)When Will My Life Begin?” from Disney 2010 movie Tangled;
M2)You Can Fly!” from Disney 1953 movie Peter Pan;
M3)Friend Like Me” from Disney 1992 movie Aladdin;
M4)That’s How You Know” from Disney 2007 movie Enchanted;
M5)A Whole New World” from Disney 1992 movie Aladdin;
M6)Mickey Mouse March” from 1955 TV-show “The Mickey Mouse Club“;
M7)It’s a Small World” theme song of Disney ride of the same name;
M8)Once Upon a Dream” from 1959 Disney movie Sleeping Beauty;
M9) “The Raiders March”, theme from the first Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark;
M10)For the First Time in Forever” from Disney 2013 movie Frozen;
4) “Festa Do Interior” by Brazilian singer Gal Costa.
* Mx = played as part of (almost) Disney Medley
* Click the set list number for direct link to the video

Introduction by John F. Kennedy Shamrock Regiment:

Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band flyer at the webpages of John F. Kennedy Shamrock Regiment (John F. Kennedy High School Band, La Palma, California) is here, and inspirational story of flutist “Kurara” who performs with prostethic leg is here.


Formal announcement by Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association:

Formal announcement of the bands of the 129th Tournament of Roses Parade by Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association is here (link not available any longer).

Formal invitation letter received by the band

Earlier posts of this blog:

Earlier posts of the 129th Tournament of Roses Parade of this blog are here and here.


129 thoughts on “US Visit 2017-18 (Rose Parade)

  1. Found something during an image search for KT. Looks like the artist behind the Lego minifigs artwork blogged about their work. One already was mentioned in the main post above, but I don’t think these have been posted here.

    Looks like it was put on display at the school.

    Here’s their

    and was used in the printing of the girls’ T-shirts.


  2. Found a recent Twitter post with this photo of the three DMs at the 2018 RP at the band assembly area.

    Ahead of them are the Albertville “Aggie” CGs and further ahead on the crest are the Louisville HS “Wildcat” band.
    The “fireball” was about to roar down the parade.


    • nice photo. wow, I know where that is, they’re on Del Mar Boulevard, Orange Grove Boulevard is westward just beyond the crest. Colorado Boulevard is off to the right (north), about a 1/2 mile. Central Park, where the band was dropped off, is behind them, a short distance to the east.

      I know Ron is in the middle, I don’t know which one is Cony and which one if Pimo. Ron is recognizable since she seems to have that distinctive hairstyle – her ponytail is set higher towards the top of her head, and she has two bands of hair hanging on the sides of her face. judging by photos and videos, she seemed to wear her hair like that all of the time. or at least when she was with the band.

      i wonder if they knew the photo was being taken. 🙂

      “Fireball”, indeed….and they’ve got the orange to prove it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you like it, I checked on the blog if this photo was taken. I’m sure the girls were aware of the official photographer/videographer who was following the band on the parade.
        If they were keeping parade formation, the opening scene of st.taketo’s RP footage in this video might help.

        Pause at 0:15, crank the YT setting to at least 2K resolution.


        • This video shows all the bands marching in the Rose Parade that year

          They appeared around 5:45 into this video.
          We get to share the experience of how the KT fireball lit up the street…


        • Well, actually…..even seeing their faces in the video, I don’t know which one is Cony and which one is Pimo…..I would have to look for photos of them. I know future DM Okazel was carrying the Japanese flag….


          • Just looking at more photos on Flickr taken of the band at the staging area before the parade, you can feel the energy, the fuse was about to be lit…
            Rose Parade 2017

            There are a handful of other really high quality pics of KT from the parade, including this one of the percussion section…


          • wow, these are great! i see Tara-cho with her clarinet….Chippi, Yuina, and Co-ma-re with the percussion players, Tanaka-sesai in the background…does it say if these are official GBA photos or are they from someone else?

            do you need a flickr account to see all of them?

            yeah, with the blow of the whistle from Ron and the count off from the band, that fuse was LIT.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Clicking the first photo should link to that photographer’s Flickr album of the 2018 RP, of which only 6 photos have KT. This is a summary page of that photographer’s album of the parade bands and floats

            Rose Parade 2017


          • Thanks for posting these and the link. i wonder who this photographer is….he must have some connection with the parade because i don’t think they would let just anyone wander around Del Mar Boulevard taking photos of the bands. Too bad he didn’t take as many photos of KT as he did of the georgia band…..but then, maybe he was the georgia band’s “official” photographer.


    • Never mind….on looking through the photographer’s photos on that flickr link, I figure he must be local – a lot of his photos are of events in neighboring South Pasadena.

      Liked by 1 person

      • From the cached copy in search results of the OC Breeze article regarding KT at Kennedy.

        Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band performed at Kennedy Performing Arts Center
        By: Edna Ethington On: January 10, 2018 In: Community Tagged: benefit concert, Kennedy High School, Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band, Mr. Hisashi Hiramatsu
        The Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band is one of the oldest marching bands in Japan and is known for their continuous dance-style marching technique that was pioneered at Kyoto Tachibana. This year’s Kyoto Tachibana Green Band came with 191 students and graduates, including 10 boys and 181 women and girls. They came to perform in a Disneyland Parade in Anaheim on December 29, 2017, a Band Festival in Pasadena on December 30, the Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1, and a Benefit Concert at the Anaheim Union High School District Performing Arts Center at John F. Kennedy High School in La Palma on January 2, 2018. This was the second time that the Kyoto Tachibana Green Band came to perform at the Rose Parade and the Benefit Concert at Kennedy High School with their first time being in 2012.

        Note – no cached picture, caption as follows
        Pictured are members of the Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band in a photo at the Rose Parade that was embroidered on a blanket and presented to the band’s directors and flutist Hitomi Kanamuru. Pictured in the center of the photo in a red jacket is Lance Tibbit, Rose Parade President. (Photo courtesy Henri Soucy)

        According to Henri Soucy, a John F. Kennedy High School Band Booster Alumni parent since 1995, this was the largest group of Green Band members to come to perform because graduates also came to honor their Director, Hiroyuki Tanaka, who is retiring as Band Director at Kyoto Tachibana High School after 22 years as Band Director. Mr. Hisashi Hiramatsu, who is 83 years old, was the first Band Director at Kyoto Tachibana in 1963. He also came with the Green Band and planned to be a guest conductor at the concert at Kennedy High School. He also walked the entire length of the Rose Parade of 5.5 miles with the Kyoto Tachibana Green Band.

        Since there were so many students and graduates coming to perform, Henri Soucy asked for the help of many host families to house them for parts of three days and two nights from December 30 to January 2nd. Henri was grateful for the 82 families who volunteered to take two, three or four students and provide food, lodging and be, like mothers, fathers, or grandparents, for their students. Host families provided many different experiences as students told them what they wanted to see or do. Activities included going on shopping trips, taking visits to the ocean or the Long Beach Aquarium, and showing them the Hollywood sign and other areas of Los Angeles. Some hosts also took their guests to restaurants to try different ethnic foods, or provided American style breakfast, lunches or dinners and played card games in the evening. Some hosts even took their students ice skating or to an art museum at their request.

        The culmination of the Tachibana High School Green Band’s visit occurred on January 2nd with awards being presented to thank and honor their directors, current Director, Hiroyuki Tanaka, and founding Director, Hisashi Hiramatsu. Both directors received John F. Kennedy High School lettermen’s jackets embroidered with their names and the Kennedy “K.” They also received blankets embroidered with the band’s Rose Parade picture. Flute player, Hitomi Kanamuru, who wears a prosthesis on her left leg, was recognized for her hard work and determination to be part of the Green Band performances in spite of her handicap. She also received a blanket embroidered with the photo of the Tachibana Green Band at the Rose Parade.

        The Kyoto Tachibana Green Band directors reciprocated by presenting Kyoto Tachibana Green Band jackets to Henri Soucy and Robert Anthony, past director of the Kennedy High School band. The Tachibana Green Band directors also presented Japanese towels and Japanese candies. John F. Kennedy High School Band Boosters also presented a plaque to retiring Director Tanaka.

        After all the presentations were made, all the students and dignitaries went outside the Band Room area to participate in the planting of a Friendship Tree to commemorate the friendship of the Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band and John F. Kennedy High School. Henri prepared a Cypress Juniper Blue Point tree for planting, and the two Japanese directors and selected students helped to finish the job.

        The final event of the day was the Green Band Festival in the evening of January 2nd. The Performing Arts Center was filled with over 700 people as they came to enjoy the band’s concert. The Tachibana Green Band members were spectacular as they performed a “Stage Marching Show” led by Drum Major Yui Nagao. Director Tanaka conducted five different Medleys and melodies, and guest Director Hiramatsu conducted the band playing the music for “Prayer.” Former Kennedy Band Director Robert Anthony conducted the finale, “Stars and Stripes Forever” after the students had come out into the audience to say their emotional farewells to their hosts. The audience applauded the band’s outstanding performance, and everyone stood up from their seats hoping for an encore performance. The band responded by playing its signature Tachibana Green Band number to even more applause from the audience.

        The Green Band Association was organized to perform charity concerts worldwide with the proceeds from the concerts donated to benefit environmental causes, including victims of natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, etc. Green Bands have performed in Southern California, Florida, and even Paris, France. Over 1,800 students from different high schools in Japan have performed in Pasadena’s Rose Parade since 2007, as part of a Green Band, including this year’s Kyoto Tachibana Green Band.

        We were pleased to learn from Henri Soucy that donations received at this year’s Green Band Festival at Kennedy raised $3,000. The donations will be given to the family of Corey Iverson, the firefighter who died while battling the Thomas Fire last year.

        This was the fourth time that my husband, David, and I have hosted Green Band students from Japan. We always have enjoyed hosting the students who are always very polite and appreciative of being able to come and learn more about life in the United States. We also learn from the students about Japan and are always impressed by the Green Band’s musical performance in the Rose Parade and at the Benefit Concert at the Performing Arts Center at Kennedy High School. Host families are the first people to receive tickets for the next Benefit Concert, so we do encourage people to volunteer as host families.

        For those who want to see this year’s Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band performances, use Youtube links at and search for Disneyland Parade-December 29, 2017, Band Festival-December 30, 2017, Rose Parade-January 1, 2018, and Benefit Concert-January 2, 2018.

        If anyone would like to host the next Green Band students from the All-Izumo Honor Green Band from four high schools in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, please contact Henri Soucy at (redacted)


  3. Recently got bit by the KT bug, holy smokes.

    Agree with all the sentiments about the amazing dedication to professionalism, dedication and entertainment of the audience put by this band of HS kids!

    Thanks to Youtube’s algorithm, the band that followed the wonderful KT kids at the 2018 Pasadena Bandfest was also uploaded.

    Musically, good, but “bleh” in terms of spectacle and “wow” factor. As one of the commenters noted, it must suck to perform after KT – the audience in the background started leaving… I didn’t see any of that happening during KT’s performance.

    What a legacy that KT have made, and I’m determined to visit Kyoto one day soon and will definitely hope to see them perform in a street parade.

    Thanks Orangedevilsfan and others here for making this wonderful site for us to follow KT and feed the addiction.


  4. A secret DVD appeared at an auction.
    Official DVD of the annual Rose Parade GBA, these are only possessed by band members and officials. It is a DVD that did not show up until now (because the members are tightly united). I saw it being resold for the first time. It should contain a lot of valuable video clips. It seems that it sold out immediately, but 56,000 yen is really expensive. —(But it’s a DVD I really want. HaHaHa)
    ( in Japanese

    The GBA created an RP DVD every year and distributed it only to members and band officials.
    For example, ( —From the FB of the GBA President


  5. I love the expression of Kurara-chan at the Bandfest. When her name was called out, she was like: 「一体、何が起きてはるんどすか?」(in the Kyoto dialect, “What on earth is happening here?”).


    • To Manny: Japanese call everybody “san”, it means Mr., Mrs. or Miss and you can use with someone’s family name or given name as well. You can also use “sama” or “chan” as variations to “san” but you have to learn more Japanese so maybe you should just use “san” as a “default setting”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for the explanation. Yeah, I only know a few words in Japanese. And I’m afraid I know only a little about Japanese customs. Still, it would be nice to visit Japan someday. Kyoto is not only home to the Tachibana band, but I hear it’s also quite an historical and cultural city. It would probably be wise to learn more before going there.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Although the image quality is bad, this is a fun video. (There is a performance scene with one hand.) It was also introduced on J-san’s blog. I post this because limited release seems to have been deleted.


  7. I’ve listened to the “Return from Rose Parade” concert and I must say, I’ve listened to it more than once. Sure wish it was on video. The sound was tremendous, imagine how great it must’ve looked. Being a drummer who played in his high school band drum section, I especially like the extended drum cadence at the 85 minute mark, just before they go into “Fireball.” Anyone know if the alumni took part in this concert or were they just in the parade? The drum section sounds huge like it did in the parade.

    I’ve always loved “Sing, Sing, Sing,” and I think they sound just as good playing it as Benny Goodman’s band did. Of course, the Goodman band wasn’t dancing at the same time they were playing it. 😀

    The post of the concert on that website is out of whack at times or something. When I was listening to it, at times it would stop and start buffering and would then jump back to the very beginning of the show, or it would skip forward to another part of it.


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