Events of 2020 (117th Class Senior Year)

119th Class Enter, 118th School Anniversary, 116th Class Graduate

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Cheering school volleyball team:

Click picture to watch video

Band went to cheer school girls’ volleyball team at the first round of the 72nd All-Japan Volleyball High School Championships Tournament on January 5, 2020 at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza (video above by Shingo Shingo Shingo). There were four matches at the same time so lots of noise in the arena but Tachibana won Kōchi High School (website, Wikipedia) 2-0 and proceeded to the next round. You can watch the match here.

Second round game was on January 6, 2020 against Saga Prefecture Tosu Commercial High School (website, Wikipedia) and Tachibana won the match again 2-0 (see video below by Keys Tk). You can watch the match here. Note at the school site is here, in Japanese.

Click picture to watch video


Events cancelled (click here): 2020 All-Japan Band Competition and All-Japan Marching Contest have been cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. For the same reason the respective Kyoto and Kansai Qualifications are also cancelled.

Band official schedule is here, in Japanese.


Ensemble concert:

First event after the coronavirus hiatus was a remote ensemble concert to the new band members at the School Festival Hall on June 21, 2020 (picture by the school site). Note at the school site is here, in Japanese.

60th “Brass Band of 3000” Event:

Field show at 60th “Brass Band of 3000” -event at Kyocera Dome on June 20, 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. Reference here, in Japanese.

Concert at Kyoto Brass Band Festival:

Concert at Kyoto Brass Band Festival on June 14, 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak.

Concert at Spring High School Band Festival:

Concert at Spring High School Band Festival on May 31, 2020 at Kyoto Station Building was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak.

Parade at Brass Expo:

Parade at Brass Expo at Expo Commemoration Park, Osaka on May 10, 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. Reference here, in Japanese.

Parades at Blumen Hügel Farm:

Parades at Blumen Hügel Farm on April 26, 2020 were cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. Event reference (in Japanese) is here.

Stage show at classical music festival “Ōmi no haru”:

Stage show at classical music festival “Ōmi no haru” on April 25, 2020 at Biwako Hall was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak. Event reference (in Japanese) is here.

Concert by Uji City and Keihan Electric Railway:

Concert by Uji City and Keihan Electric Railway at Uji City Cultural Center on April 19, 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak (event reference here, in Japanese).

Concert at ROHM Music Festival:

Concert at ROHM Music Festival at ROHM Square on April 18, 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak (event reference here, in Japanese).

Performance at Tulip Festival:

Band performance at Tulip Festival at Kiso Sansen Park, Gifu Prefecture on April 4, 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak (event reference here, in Japanese).

19th Kyoto Sakura Parade:

This event on March 22, 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak.

Concert at Kyoto Fushimi Music Festival:

This event on March 20, 2020 at Kyoto Kuretake Cultural Center was cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak (event reference here, in Japanese).

Opening concert at Childcare Festival:
(unfortunately no publicly available photo or video material found)

Band played the opening concert at the 23rd Childcare Festival on February 8, 2020 at Miyako Messe. Sit-down concert consisted of majestic “Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral” from opera “Lohengrin” by Richard Wagner, “Takarajima” by The Square, and “Paprika” by children choral group Foorin (this is a cheer song for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics). Stage show part started of course with “Winter Games” by David Foster, followed with “Can I Have This Dance?” from 2008 movie “High School Musical 3: Senior Year“, “Rock and Roll All Nite” by hard rock band KIϟϟ, “We Are the World” by USA for Africa, and finished traditionally with “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” by Louis Prima. References here and here, in Japanese.

Stage show at the 22nd Kansai Stage Marching Festival:

Stage show at the 22nd Kansai Stage Marching Festival on February 2, 2020 (see full schedule here, in Japanese). Article on the event at Asahi Shimbun is here, in Japanese. Soundtrack of the performance is here.

Stage show at Field Art Media Mix -event:

Stage show at Field Art Media Mix -event on January 26, 2020 at Shiga Prefecture Cultural Exchange Hall. Band opened traditionally with “Winter Games” by David Foster, followed by “Take On Me” by a-ha and “We Are the World” by USA for Africa, and of course finished with “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” by Louis Prima. Reference here, in Japanese.

Cheering school soccer team at All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament:

Click picture to watch video

Band was cheering school boys’ soccer team who played against Ōtori High School (website, Wikipedia) at the 98th All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament on January 2, 2020 (video by blueamber). It was 1-1 draw after full-time but unfortunately Tachibana lost penalty shoot-out and the final result was 4-3 to Ōtori (see match report here). Note at the school site is here, in Japanese.

99 thoughts on “Events of 2020 (117th Class Senior Year)

  1. This year’s (2020) instrument fair, where some fans were expecting KT to perform, has been cancelled.
    (Even if it wasn’t cancelled I would have forecasted KT not to participate this year’s event.)


    • Hi J.J….. According to the COVID-19 news from NHK, there were 107 new infections, with O deaths for 7/2/2020. We may NOT be able to see any event this year. I am afraid for the graduation party in December. My 5 yen worth

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      • Yes, the number of patients with COVID-19 continues to increase around the world, including in the US and Japan. So all the events this year may not be promising.  Unfortunately, that’s a problem.
         I’ve had two cancers myself, and in one of those lung cancers, I lost part of my right lung. So I am cautious about COVID-19.
        I am hoping for a quick resolution of the virus for the sake of the people of the world.

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        • J.J.- I am sorry to hear that, and please stay safe, I wear my mask all the time, especially in public places. In the US the infection count continues to go up, especially in the warmer states like, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California. . Now the infection count is among young people 25-40, the same people who would not wear a mask, and continued to live like before. Just plain stupid. I knew this evil thing was only living in the shadows, and will, in time, come back to bit. I am sorry to say that the US has a long road. Japan is in much better shape. Maybe we could lean from Japan, how to calm the angry sea (Virus). my 5 yen worth, which is not worth much.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Hidy J.J…. I know you stay safe, and wear a mask, like I do. My mask is on every time I am outside. Stay safe, and we will get through this all together. my 0 yen worth.

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    • A really nice video. I think the collaboration with this artist will bear fruit for both sides. I am already looking forward to the complete video, wish everyone health and a successful 2020.


  2. Check out KT featured in Kalen Anzai’s new music video:

    Never thought I would see the band in “White”. I hope they actually were involved with the music this time and not just acting in the video.

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  3. Please I’m a big fan of Kyoto Tachibana S.H.S Wind Marching Band and wanted to knows where are those beautiful Japanese girls and young men of the Orange Devils doing during the coronavirus crisis? Are they on quarantine or they are allowed to practice at the school or somewhere?

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    • I find it very sad that there are sometimes no videos of the KT appearing, because unfortunately it is forbidden. Not every fan lives in Japan and has the opportunity to see them there. I can’t quite understand it, but I’m still looking forward to every video on you tube. Best regards.

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    • Anonymous-san….. Usually the Hill of Bloom(Blumen Hugel) parade is in mid April, but I haven’t seen any announcement for this parade either. Could they not preform there t his year?


    • From what I can see Japanese care a great deal about the education of these kids. If these events cause too much distraction or any kind of commotion I can totally see their justification for scaling the exposure back. It’s sad but education is top priority, if I were parents of these kids I would do the same. I just hope we can have at least 3 to 4 parade each year + the all Japan Marching contest, that’s enough for me.

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    • Anonymous-san….. Last year 2019, Blumen Huge was on 4/21/2019 (Sunday). Sunday dates are 5,12,19, and 26. Saturday: 4, 11, 18, 25, Biwako Festival 4/25-26; Rohm Festival 4/18. Only open Sunday dates 5,12, (19?),and Saturday 4,11

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  4. I have a question. Are there no videos from this event? I didn’t find any on You tube. Since I have already found 1470 videos with over 250 million views, I would also like to see some again. Thank you.


    • Since last year, there has been restrictions about shooting and uploading vidoes to SNS on the band. Except for public appearances like parades, most videos like indoor or stage shows are so limited. Some videos on Youtube are up only for a few days and some are audio only. You can visit the fan-corner page and read all about the discussions.

      For 2018, and previous years you can still find many videos on YT, and other sites. The “Events” pages on this site also has many links to videos, and is the biggest archive of videos of KT.


      • Thanks for this answer. Can you tell me why this is now being done. A group that is so popular should not be hidden. I find it unfortunate not to see any more videos. Thanks again and I will continue to be happy to find and download film footage on You Tube. Greetings from Vienna.


        • There have been many discussions about this topic. You can go to the “Fan Corner” page and search the comments about this issue. But to make the answer short, in Japan, children privacy is of great importance. That is why they use nicknames in the band(see Background Info). The school/parents are now very much concerned since the band is now very popular not only in Japan but also globally. If you are a parent(and paying the tuition) you can surely understand this. There were also previous incidents involving shooting at inappropriate angles being reported.

          Previously, only the “Regular Concerts”/recitals and some school performances were restricted, but now it seems every appearance is included. Comments in Youtube are now disabled to prevent identification of persons. There are also prohibitions in uploading videos to SNS (except if authorized by the school). If you are a fan, you may not like this, but remember they are also just high school kids however popular they may be.

          Fortunately, you can go to and watch videos that are “not allowed/taken down” in Youtube. Some of them even taken from DVD/BDs. 🙂

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          • I understand very well that the privacy of the children is respected, if you look at the videos on you tube I do not see a single one that was taken from inappropriate angles. Only after appearances at the Rose Parade 2018 were the clicks shot to unimaginable heights.
            If you did the whole thing under supervision and had it authorized by the school, the fans and also the school and children would be helped.
            I have read elsewhere that there is a sprint account. Why don’t you do merchandising, such as caps, stickers or scarves. That would surely make you a lot of money and you could buy new musical instruments.
            Would only be a suggestion. I would be the first to buy it.


          • Emms-san…. konnichiwa…..Before 2012, KT was a good Japanese band, not known outside of Japan, except for a few trips to Hawaii, England, Atlanta’s Olympics, but from the 2012 RP to the 2018 RP, there were videos of almost every KT event. After the 2018 RP, a lot of KT videos were uploaded to the world media, and the private lives of some wind club members were nicknamed. Some of the band’s nicknames were released, not only on SNS, but on regular Japanese TV. The school/parents became rather concerned, like any high school band parent in any foreign county. My HS band only listed names, and what instrument they played, on pamphlets, during school concerts. Of course our band wasn’t known world wide. Because of the nickname earthquake of the past, there was a threat to restrict all events to the public, but recently, there were some lifting of restrictions, if the schools/bands agree to lift them. Will it change in the future? Don’t know, but hope it will.
            Just my 5 cents worth

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        • asterix030848

          Thank you for you questions and understanding on the ‘sensitive topics’ that seem never go away, but as new people join the blog and were not around 4, 5 or even 6 years ago, the explanations and reasons will always be a topic to discuss.
          In the ‘early’ years of Tachibana’s popularity there were many videos that pushed the envelope of good taste. You also need to understand the culture of Japan, especially with older men and their ability to ‘get away’ with things that today you would never see on YouTube. For the most part those video’s have been removed either by the videographer, or simply taken down by YouTube.

          Those of us that were around when the “Tachibana Volcano” erupted, because of the less than desirable video’s, and the parents and school reactions, plus the insane number of people with cameras following and ‘being in the way’ of
          the wind club, the school had to react, granted it might have been a “knee jerk” reaction, trying to solve the problem with any number of ‘solutions’, very few of which actually worked. But for the safety of the students, the crowds that kept growing and growing, and the sometimes limited amount of room that they had to perform in, the only solution is what we are experiencing today… that is to eliminate the people taking videos in all, but a very few venues.

          About 3 years ago, working with the sponsors and organizers that produced the events, the school simply stopped allowing video’s to be shot. It started on campus at the School Festival Hall for school events, then to the various levels of qualification performances for the Japan National Competition. The finals in November were always ‘video not allowed’….(it was a contracted event with the Japan National T.V. network) then with outside events where they at first increased security, which helped….but when you have close to 50 or 60 people following the band, all with video cameras on extended mono-pods….the next step was/is just to forbid all video cameras from the events. The school is not interested in any retail sales of “fan based merchandise”. The school is only interested in providing the best quality education for the students that the parents (guardians) are paying for. Its just not the way things work in Japan…. contrary to our ‘western thinking’. Sorry this is so long, but you deserved to have a good explanation.

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          • Paul Miller, thank you for your detailed answer. I found about 1470 videos on You Tube and none of them was disreputable. From the Rose Parade 2018 alone I found at least 200 different ones with about 60 million views.
            I try to understand the Japanese culture and its attitudes and I have to admit that there are some excesses that are difficult for me Europeans to understand.
            I would say that any music company anywhere in the world would consider themselves lucky to be so popular. There will always be some who don’t adhere to the rules of the game. Also I was wondering how many people were filming at the hill parade, so I had the idea to allow a provisional group and so you can avoid such outgrowths. I first thought that they were the parents of the children but after reading some comments on this page I have, of course, full understanding for this procedure.
            Thanks again and I will be happy about all the videos, unfortunately I am unable to travel to Kyoto and see the KT on site. The kids could all be my great-grandchildren, but I’m still happy to hear them and see how they perform the music. Greetings from Vienna.


  5. Details of the Kyoto Sakura Parade were announced yesterday.
    Camera photography (including video) while walking is also prohibited this year. Also, posting without permission on the Internet etc. is prohibited.
    reference in Japanese, (
    In addition to Izusyo, Matsue Commercial High School from Shimane Prefecture will also participate.


      • Maybe something is different with Japanese law, but in the UK there is no right to privacy in a public place, otherwise dash cams would be illegal. It will be interesting to see what happens on the day.


    • I hope this is only to reduce the number of cameras that chase the parade as the street gets more crowded every year and at some point something would have to be done about it. I can’t see this having anything to do with protecting the bands ( I refuse to call them kids as that would be an insult to musicians of their standard ), since with or without a camera the “nutters” will be there 😦 Hopefully we will get an official upload but with comments annoyingly turned off. Just banning uploads would only force everything underground with the videos appearing on torrent sites etc. I cannot see any reason for comments being turned off other than to reduce the workload of the uploader 🙂 I frequently put Youtube Japanese comments into Google Translate and find them to be of the same nature as the English ones, with nothing unsavory 🙂

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  6. JJ san Bedankt elke keer voor de info. Ik zou graag naar Kyoto komen om de band in het echt te zien. Heb tijd zat maar het regelen voor waar en wanneer stuit op problemen. bij mij. Ben gepensioneerd dus tijd is geen probleem. Maar helaas

    “JJ san Thanks every time for the info. I would like to come to Kyoto to see the band in real life. I have plenty of time, but arranging for where and when there are problems. with me. Am retired so time is no problem. But unfortunately”


    • Sorry, I didn’t notice your reply.
      My recommended event are
      1. Regular concert. However, getting tickets is quite difficult.
      2. music festival “Ōmi no haru”.
      3. “Brass Band of 3000” This event will be enjoyed by bands other than KT.
      “Kyoto Sakura Parade” may not watch good because there are too many people. Unscheduled or one-off events will be announced shortly before, making it difficult for people overseas to schedule.


  7. About Sakura Parade etc.
    Next year’s Sakura Parade article is on NEWS of the Kansai Wind Music Federation. Although there is no description of the due date, in addition to the friendship concert at “Oike Junior High School” and marching on Teramachi Street, it is written that there is marching on Kawaramachi Street. Kyoto City Hall Square is still under construction and cannot be used.
    Reference in Japanese , The article is the left two at the bottom. (
    Other site have date descriptions. It seems to be March 22.
    And according to the same site, the “22th Kansai Marching Festival” is February 2.
    and, the Kansai Wind Music Federation site states that the 70th All-Japan Band Competition (not marching) / Kansai qualifying is August 22.


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