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16,635 thoughts on “Fan Corner

  1. Waseda Setsuryo was on TV.
    YT version is this.

    This show is about a comedian who visits and interviews the school.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have subtitles in English.
    The original on-demand version will end on July 13 Japan time. (The URL is long, so I’ll skip it.)
    This show has visited KT before, but the band was only briefly covered.  I remember posting the KT video to this site before as well.

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  2. I am sorry my attempts to look at the environment that has made the band and motivates its members to work so hard, to produce such unique performances (which I consider works of art), are not welcome here. Unable to avoid looking around things the better to understand them, I’ll not be contributing much more.
    Wishing everyone here all the best, I leave you and other visitors, under the Other Resources page, with a new list of schools and bands displayed in Japanese characters. It’s intended to help searches for videos and other stuff about them. The list is sorted by AJBA region/branch and identifies their prefecture.


    • Sorry to hear you have decided to disengage with the blog. I have enjoyed many of your contributions, which as far as I’m concerned have been most welcome. I wish you well and good luck in your endeavour to understand the Japanese marching band culture.


  3. Sharing some love for a friendly rival of KT, Seika, from many years back.

    Can’t recall if this was shared previously, but a comment search didn’t find this particular video linked, so for the benefit of the many fans of the Seika girls, here’s a video from 2011 of a concert performance where visiting US Marine CWO2 Giove guest conducts the girls in a performance of Stefan Swalgin’s Running On Wood


  4. OK…its been slow for new videos and I found this surfing around YT. I can see you Japanese fans have way to much time on your hands. Could someone please explain this. I turned on subtitles and could understand a little bit and it was funny. But what the heck is this🤣🤣🤣


    • Doug H-san . . . To my completely uneducated eye, it would appear to be Train racing on different station lines that finish at the same station. In at least one video, it appeared that the trains don’t necessarily have to cross the ‘finish line’ going in the same direction 🤣 I am assuming they all leave the originating stations at the same time. It did’t look like the ‘bullet type’ trains did that well.

      And that’s my 1.625 Yen’s worth!


      • Jim T-san…. My educated guess is the same as your educated guess. To my guess, it’s like a train race, like TV announcers at a stock car race or at a horse track. Listening to it, even with out understanding a word, is funny. How do they think of these things? This is what we need here, to get our minds away from COVID-19. My 5.4765 yen worth.


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