Details of the 2020 Japan Honor Green Band U.S. Expedition

This text is based on the interview with General Director of the Green Band Association Yuzuru Kumagai by Rei’ichirĊ Fukuno (Wikipedia).

GBA official video of Rose Parade 2020. Click picture to watch it.

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131st Tournament of Roses Parade (January 1, 2020) – Japan Honor Green Band

Thank You for providing information for this page: Green Band Association, J.J.-san, Emms-san and Paul Miller -san.

Video coverage around Rose Parade activities can be found at the YouTube-channels of Music213 and Music Amenities.

Drawing of Tachibana alumni travelling to Rose Parade is here.

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Events of 2020 (117th Class Senior Year)

119th Class Enter, 118th School Anniversary, 116th Class Graduate

NEXT: Aug-Nov:AJBA contests

Cheering school volleyball team:

Click picture to watch video

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Kyoto City Fire Band and Kyoto Fire Angels

Kyoto Fire Angels

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Rose Parade 2021 Follow-Up Page

Thank You for providing information for this page: Green Band Association, J.J.-san, Emms-san and Paul Miller -san.

132nd Tournament of Roses Parade (January 1, 2021): St. Ursula Eichi Sendai Honor Band

Click picture to watch video (St. Ursula Eichi Wind Orchestra)

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Tachibana Live: 18th Kyoto Sakura Parade

Videos, pictures and text by Ajig.

The writer attended the 18th Kyoto Sakura Parade on March 24, 2019.

Please click pictures to view high-resolution version.

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Events of 2019 (116th Class Senior Year)

118th Class Enter, 117th School Anniversary, 115th Class Graduate (video homage)
(drawing of graduating 115th Class band members is here)

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Tachibana Live: Attending Kyoto and Kansai Marching Contests

Videos, pictures and text by Frederik (frederik.noermann (at) gmail (dot) com)

As part of his trip to Japan the writer attended the 31st Kyoto Marching Contest on September 9, 2018 as well as 46th Kansai Marching Contest on September 23, 2018.

The 31st Kyoto Prefectural Marching Contest:

Click picture to watch video

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Tachibana in 1975 Harrogate International Youth Bands Festival

The information herewith has been kindly provided to this blog by Stage Manager Martin Jones and Festival Director Lucy Clayden from Harrogate International Youth Festival (HIYF) (website, Wikipedia). All pictures by Martin Jones.

Progamme sheet from 1975

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Memories of Orange Devils in Atlanta 1996

text by USRoute66

Opening Ceremonies of the Centennial Olympics

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Events in History

Founding members of Kyoto Tachibana Concert Band in 1961

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Events of 2018 (115th Class Senior Year)

117th Class Enter, 116th School Anniversary, 114th Class Graduate

Kyoto Tower in orange – click picture to watch video

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Tachibana Family Band in concert

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Tachibana is in the house!

Videos, pictures and text by Paul Miller (ptmiller448 (at) gmail (dot) com)

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US Visit 2017-18 (Rose Parade)

Thank You, Tachibana!!!

“They are going to light up the street, I’ll tell you!”

Follow: #RoseParade (general) and #RoseParade_KT (Kyoto Tachibana only)

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Events of 2017 (114th Class Senior Year)

116th Class Enter, 115th School Anniversary, 113th Class Graduate (video homage)
(115th/50th Anniversary Website (in Japanese) is here)

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Events of 2016 (113th Class Senior Year)

115th Class Enter, 114th School Anniversary, 112th Class Graduate (video homage)

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Events of 2015 (112th Class Senior Year)

114th Class Enter, 113th School Anniversary, 111th Class Graduate

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Events of 2014 (111th Class Senior Year)

113th Class Enter, 112th School Anniversary, 110th Class Graduate

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Events of 2013 (110th Class Senior Year)

112th Class Enter, 111th School Anniversary, 109th Class Graduate

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