Groo Me!! in concert

Groo Me!! is a brass ensemble formed by Yuina Mita (107th Class drummer who became J-pop idol singer and drummer after graduating). Members of Groo Me!! are mostly Tachibana alumni, some of them adored fan favorites. Inaugural concert was held May 2018 (see below) although the roots of the band extend a bit further in history.

2019 – Concert at Shibuya WWW:

Click picture to watch video

Groo Me!! brought Tachibana tunes to Shibuya, the nightlife center of Tokyo (also well known by Shibuya Crossing, busiest pedestrian crossing of the world). Band played at music club Shibuya WWW on February 12, 2019 (video by 慶次郎前田).

2018 – Concert at Yokohama Music & Food Festival:

Click picture to watch video

Only few members of Groo Me!! managed to travel to Yokohama on Tokyo Bay on August 18, 2018 to play at Yokohama Music & Food Festival at Yokohama Ōsanbashi Pier Great Hall (video by Tsubame Planning).

2018 – Concert at Modern Times:

Click picture to watch video

First concert was held on May 4, 2018 at music club Modern Times in Kyoto and the set list was a collection of Tachibana classics (video by 慶次郎前田).

2017 – Concert at Guilty:

Click picture to watch video

As a forerunner of Groo Me!! Yuina Mita and friends played “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” at music club Guilty at Shibuya, Tokyo on November 23, 2017 (video by 三田結菜 = Yuina Mita YouTube-channel).

13 thoughts on “Groo Me!! in concert

  1. Mita-chan had just uploaded a nice long livestream on her YT channel.

    Can’t understand much, but picking up a few sentences here and there where she’s noting she’s studying English. She’s certainly coming to her own, and what a journey to follow.


    • Yeah, I think that may have been one of her 17Live “deliveries”, as they call it. Apparently, she can read english fairly well. Writing it, she gets some things wrong, but that’s to be expected from someone learning a difficult new language.

      Listening to her songs, I’ve picked up some new Japanese words, but I doubt I’ll be fluent in the language anytime soon. 😀 😀

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  2. Looking at the 2017 video at Shibuya Guilty where Yuina and friends performed “Sing, Sing, Sing,” I wonder if she invited the alumni back to celebrate, since it was her 25th birthday that very day. Perhaps the performance was her birthday gift TO the audience.

    Also, that is the aforementioned Yuki Enomoto on alto saxophone, another of the KT alumni that are now professional musicians. Sledge posted one of her live performances below.


  3. Another KT alumni that went professional, Yuki Enomoto,

    She was a saxophonist from around the same era as Mita-chan, by the looks of it. Her IG (enomotoyuki) has this pic of a commemorative photo from KT’s 2012 RP

    Her album, “Moonlight” was announced in January this year.

    Here’s her performing live back in 2018


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