Events of 2019 (117th)

118th Class Enter, 117th School Anniversary, 115th Class Graduate
(drawing of graduating band members is here)

Next: (Dec15:Hibike) – (Dec23:Regular)

Field show at Osaka Castle Marching:

Click picture to watch video

Band participated in the 1st Osaka Castle Marching on November 23, 2019 at Osaka Castle Park (video by st.taketo).

Upcoming event: Stage show at Hibike! Euphonium -themed Christmas Festival arranged by Uji City and Keihan Electric Railway at 12.50pm on December 15, 2019 at Uji City Cultural Center. References here and here, in Japanese.

Upcoming event: 56th Regular Concert at ROHM Theater Kyoto on December 23, 2019 (two performances at 2.30pm and 7pm). References here and here, in Japanese. Event is sold out.

Band official schedule for November-December 2019 is here, in Japanese.

Schedule information may also be found at the Twitter-account of たけしくんWish ㏌ Bloom following Kansai Wind Orchestra Federation (in Japanese) here.


Cheering school soccer team at qualifiers for All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament:

Click picture to watch video

Band cheering school boys’ soccer team against Kyoto Rakuhoku High School (website, Wikipedia) at Takebishi Stadium in Kyoto qualifiers for the 98th All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament on November 17, 2019 (video by st.taketo). Tachibana won 3-2 after extra time so you can follow their further progress in the National Tournament here (in Japanese). Note at school site is here, in Japanese.

Cheering school volleyball team:

While the band itself was playing at the Kansai High School General Cultural Festival (see below) band alumni went to cheer school girls’ volleyball team who were playing at the 72nd All-Japan Volleyball High School Championships Tournament, Kyoto prefecture qualifications on November 16, 2019 at Shimadzu Arena Kyoto. It was assured 3-0 win against Kyoto Kitasaga High School (website, Wikipedia) for Tachibana and they proceeded to National Tournament for 21st consecutive time (23rd time overall). You can watch the match (and listen to cheering) here. Report at the school site is here, in Japanese.

Concert at the Kansai High School General Cultural Festival:
(unfortunately no publicly available photo or video material found)

Band played at the Opening Ceremony of the 39th Kansai High School General Cultural Festival on November 16, 2019 at ROHM Theater Kyoto. Reference here, in Japanese. Note at school site is here, in Japanese.

Parade at Garasha Festival:

Click picture to watch video

Parade at the 28th Garasha Festival in Nagaokakyō on November 10, 2019 (video by st.taketo). Reference here, in Japanese.

Open Campus III:
(unfortunately no publicly available photo or video material found)

Band played at the Opening Ceremonies of the Open Campus III -event of the school in the afternoon of November 9, 2019. Reference here, in Japanese.

Concert at Kyoto Concert Hall:
(unfortunately no publicly available photo or video material found)

Band performed in the morning of November 9, 2019 at Kyoto Concert Hall as part of the 36th Kyoto High School General Cultural Festival.

Parade and field show at Fushimi Castle Festival:

Click picture to watch video

Short parade and field show at Fushimi Castle Festival at Fushimi Momoyama Castle Sports Park on November 3, 2019 (video by st.taketo). Reference here, in Japanese.

Stage show at Open Campus -event:

Band performed at school Open Campus -event on October 19, 2019 (photo by school site). Note at school site is here, in Japanese.

Field show at Momoyama School District Sports Festival:

Click picture to watch video

On September 29, 2019 band attended the Momoyama School District Sports Festival (video by akira n). Their field show started with Yūko Matsutani iconic theme song “Lum no Love Song” from 1981-86 anime series “Urusei Yatsura“, followed by Disney attraction theme song “It’s a Small World (After All)” by the Sherman Brothers. And last but not least we hear “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” by Louis Prima.

Field show at School Sports Festival:

Also Tachibanasaurus joined the field show!

School Sports Festival was held on September 27, 2019 and of course show by the band was part of the program of the day (picture by school site). Note at school site is here, in Japanese.

Kansai Qualification for the All-Japan Marching Contest:

Band 3rd year’s in picture

Kansai Qualification for 32nd All-Japan Marching Contest (=The 47th Kansai Marching Contest) was held on September 23, 2019 (phot by Instagarm of kazugomametal). For the fourth time in a row Tachibana won Gold but not the place to proceed to National Finals on November 24, 2019. Official results are here, in Japanese. Note at school site is here, in Japanese.

Baton Twirling Kyoto Convention:
(unfortunately no publicly available photo or video material found)

Band participated into the 27th Baton Twirling Kyoto Convention (which was part of the 36th Kyoto High School General Cultural Festival) on September 15, 2019 at Yamashiro Sports Park Taiyogaoka Stadium. References here and here, in Japanese.

School festival “Tachibanasai”:

Opening day performance at School Festival Hall

School Cultural Festival Tachibanasai was held on September 11-14, 2019. The opening day festivities included band stage show in rarely seen “Hawai’i uniform” (=blue happi-coat and white skirt) (picture above by school site). Note at school site is here, in Japanese.

On September 14, 2019 band performed again at School Festival Hall (video by atyako100%):

Click picture to watch video

And also on September 14, 2019 was the traditional outdoor show of 3rd year students (video by atyako100%):

Click picture to watch video

Note on Tachibanasai at school site is here, in Japanese.

Kyoto Qualification for the All-Japan Marching Contest:

The 32nd All-Japan Marching Contest starts with Kyoto Qualifications (=32nd Kyoto Marching Contest) on September 8, 2019 (photo by school site). Band won Gold and also proceeded further to Kansai Qualifications on September 23, 2019. Set list started with “Heroic Fanfare” by Paul A. Murtha and then continued with “Sedona” by Steven Reineke, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” by Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach, and finished of course with “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” by Louis Prima. Official results are here (in Japanese), and a note at school site here (also in Japanese).

Stage shows at ÆON Mall Takanohara:

Two stage shows at ÆON Mall Takanohara on August 25, 2019 at 1pm and 3pm. Band played “Armenian Dances (Part I)” by Alfred Reed, “Takarajima” by The Square, “Winter Games” by David Foster, 1967 hit song “Seaside Bound” by The Tigers and finally “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” by Louis Prima. Soundtrack of 1pm show is here and 3pm show here.

67th All-Japan Band Competition, Team A:

Click picture to watch video

Band (Team A) played “A Brussels Requiem” by Bert Appermont (this piece of music reflects the 2016 terrorist attack in Brussels) at the Kyoto Qualifications for the 67th All-Japan Band Competition on August 8, 2019 and won Gold but unfortunately was not chosen to proceed to Kansai Qualifications (video above on photo session by K viola). There were no Team B this year. Official results are here, in Japanese. Note at school site is here (in Japanese).

Kyūshū expedition:

Joint picture with Seika Girls’ High School

Band expedition to Kyūshū took place July 23-28, 2019. They met with Seika Girls’ High School celebrating 110th Anniversary (website, Wikipedia) (see picture above, short video here, and more pictures at Seika blog here and here) and Tamana Girls’ High School (website, Wikipedia). On July 26, 2019 they had a joint practice and stage show with Kwassui High School (website, Wikipedia) and Nagasaki City Tomachi Junior High School (website, Wikipedia) at Nagasaki Civic Hall. Reference (in Japanese) is here (note that this is the Twitter-account of legendary Yoshihisa Fujishige -sensei, former Band Director of Seika Girls’ High School band, now working at Kwassui High).

59th “Brass Band of 3000” Event:

This event at the end of June 2019 was cancelled due to G20 Osaka Summit. See reference here, in Japanese.

Open Campus:
(unfortunately no publicly available photo or video material found)

Band performed at the school Open Campus -event on June 23, 2019. Note at school site is here, in Japanese.

Practice with Takigawa Daini High School:

On June 22, 2019 band traveled 45 miles south-west to the city of Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture for joint practice session with Takigawa II Wind Orchestra & Marching Band from Takigawa Daini High School (website, Wikipedia). See note at Takigawa band twitter account here.

Cheering school soccer team at qualifiers for Inter-High School Championships:
(short twitter-video here, longer video here)

Band went to cheer school soccer team in qualifiers for Inter-High School Championships on June 2, 2019 at Nishikyōgoku Stadium, Kyoto. Match went to penalty shoot-out but in the end Tachibana won 5-4! Note at the school site is here (in Japanese).

Concert at Spring High School Band Festival:
(soundtrack at bilibili is here)

Band played at Spring High School Band Festival at Kyoto Station Building in the afternoon of May 25, 2019 (picture below by Instagram of 川添哲弘). Reference here (in Japanese), and detailed schedule here (in Japanese). Set list: “Armenian Dances (Part I)” by Alfred Reed and “Takarajima” by The Square (nowadays known as T-Square). See full program here.

Stage show at 5th Dream☆School -event:

Click picture to watch video

Band performed at 5th Dream☆School -event on May 25, 2019 (video by mitsu kt). Note at school site (in Japanese) is here. Flyer (in Japanese) is here (band is item E). Notes at school site are here and here.

Tanaka-sensei speech at JCI Anan:

Tanaka-sensei gave speech on leadership at the event of Junior Chamber International Anan at Hotel Ishimatsu, Anan, Tokushima Prefecture on May 17, 2019 (picture by Tanaka-sensei facebook). Details (in Japanese) are here.

Parade at Brass Expo 2019:

Click picture to watch video

Class 118 freshmen joined the band for the first parade of Reiwa Era at Brass Expo 2019 at Expo Commemoration Park, Osaka on May 12, 2019 (video by 慶次郎前田). Percussion, sousaphones and flutes have greatly increased the number of members but French horn -section is still quite small. Set list is here.

As a warm-up the band performed Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) (video by 慶次郎前田):

Click picture to watch video

Stage show at classical music festival “Ōmi no haru”:

Stage show at classical music festival “Ōmi no haru” on April 27, 2019 at 6.25 pm at Biwako Hall. Soundtrack of the event is here. Eyewitness account (in Japanese) is here. Leaflet of the event (in Japanese) is here. Promotional note (in Japanese) is here.

Parades at Blumen Hügel Farm:

Click picture to watch video

Morning parade at Blumen Hügel Farm on April 21, 2019 (video above by Anna Film Production, see detailed set list here). We had beautiful and warm weather this time and saw 44 freshmen joining the band (they are marching in school uniforms behind the band). This is largest group of new recruits in recent years! Band new parade repertoire for this year contains two really great singing songs with adorable choreography: at 9:43 we hear Shakira song “Try Everything” from Disney 2016 movie “Zootopia“, and at 12:01 “Following the Leader” from 1953 Disney movie “Peter Pan“. This year videography was permitted also for the band trademark standstill “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)“, and judging from the amount of spectators it was eagerly expected too!

Afternoon parade (video below by Anna Film Production, detailed set list is here). At 24:30 you can see the future generation of Orange Devils already among the spectators (watch also this).

Click picture to watch video

18th Kyoto Sakura Parade:

Click picture to watch video

The 18th Kyoto Sakura Parade was held on March 24, 2019 in sunny but cold weather. Field show part was again at the yard of Kyoto Oike Junior High School and the band chose very traditional music selection for their show (video above by 慶次郎前田).

Parade through Teramachi Street was as crowded as ever and perhaps even more so this time. New pieces of music was introduced to the repertoire for 2019, e.g. “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder and “Incredits 2” from 2018 Pixar animated movie Incredibles 2 (you can enjoy them both in this video). This time videography was not permitted while walking so the video below is a cooperative work with three cameras of I LOVE BRASS, Tsubame Planning and st.taketo:

Click picture to watch video

Stage show at Satsuki kindergarten:
(unfortunately no publicly available photo or video material found)

Band played at Music Appreciation Party on March 14, 2019 at Satsuki kindergarten. Reference (in Japanese) is here.

Stage show before women’s V.League -match:

Click picture to watch video

Band stepped into volleyball court to perform stage show before women’s V.League 1 -match (top volleyball league in Japan) Toray Arrows vs Ageo Medics at Ukaru-chan Arena, Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture on February 9, 2019 (it was 3-1 win for Toray Arrows, video by Tsubame Planning). With new Drum Major and 116th Class at helm for the first time we start with new pieces of music: “Tout, tout pour ma chérie” by French singer/songwriter Michel Polnareff (song is better known in Japan as シェリーに口づけ = “Kiss with Shelley”) and “Song of Life” by English all-boy choir Libera. Traditional finish with “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” was spiced up this time with volleyball spike and block (suitable for a school with one of the Japan’s most successful girls’ high school volleyball team)! References (in Japanese) are here and here.

Stage show at the 21st Kansai Stage Marching Festival:
(video at bilibili is here)

Stage show at the 21st Kansai Stage Marching Festival on February 3, 2019. Reference (in Japanese) is here.

Stage show at Field Art Media Mix -event:

Click picture to watch video

Stage show at Field Art Media Mix -event featuring brass bands on January 27, 2019 at Shiga Prefecture Cultural Exchange Hall.

Cheering school volleyball team:

Click picture to watch video

Band cheering the girls’ volleyball team of the school at the 2nd round of the 71st All-Japan Volleyball High School Championships Tournament on January 6, 2019 at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza, Chōfu, Tokyo (one of the venues of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics) (video by 042〇 tamadon). Graduating 115th Class cheering was effective as team took convincing 2-0 win from Kyūshū Bunka Gakuen High School and proceeded to the next round. Match report at school site is here (in Japanese).

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  1. Hi, I’m a new fan here.
    One day, I saw a video about them on Youtube, and at this moment I became a fan of them.
    Thank you so much for organizing and sharing these videos.
    It’s let me know more about Kyoto Tachibana S.H.S Band

    A fan from Taiwan

    Sorry for the poor English.


    • 胡兄:我在這兒有一段時間了,但這兒只限英文,因此…
      Dear Alex: I remember our blog master had stated that Taiwanese ranked 5th of all visitors of this blog. Maybe he judged by the national code .tw of the e-mail address, anyway enjoy this blog and the band and I am here to help too.
      Sincerely yours
      Conway Shen


        • Thanks ODF! I believe it’s not Taiwanese stop coming to you blog but people from other part of the world keep coming and coming… BTW there are quite a few Japanese high school students visit Taiwan during their winter vacation, since my neighborhood is a tourists attraction, I’ll try to find are there some KTs among them.


        • Wow, Japan rank 1st. Perhaps it’s not a far-fetched thought that some KT members (present and alumni) may have read the comments on this blog, maybe even made a post? If so, hopefully they found this blog entertaining as much as we do 🙂
          Hmm my country rated last….guess I have homework to do!

          Agatte Kita!


    • Alex Hu-san….. Welcome to the BLOG. It is common here to submit comments on our favorite Wind Club, but there are rules to follow, listed at the top of FAN Corner. I have watched so many KT videos, that I hum their songs in my sleep. hahaha Welcome aboard.


  2. idle talk
    November 17 is the final of the Kyoto qualifying for football. Is the band cheering or not?
    By the way, November 16 is also the final of the volleyball Kyoto qualifying. This is probably not cheering by the band.


  3. November 7 (Thursday) New York-based conductor Reona Itou who was active in the world of wind Music lessons came to school, the members were able to have a valuable experience.
    Before conducting(tacting), he talked to the members about “What I think about happiness now” based on social circumstances, historical events, his personal encounters and frustrations. The members enjoyed playing for about 4 hours.
    from school site、


  4. 2019.10.30 14:00

    Keihan Holdings Co., Ltd. Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

     Keihan Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, President: Masahiro Ishimaru) and Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, President: Michio Nakano) are Uji City (Mayor: Tadashi Yamamoto), Uji Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As a collaboration project with the anime “Sound! Euphonium” in collaboration with the office (President: Tetsuji Yamamoto), Uji City Tourism Association (President: Tokichi Nakamura), Kyoto Bunkyo University (President: Kei Hiraoka) Uji City x Keihan Train Christmas Concert-“Sound! Euphonium from the stage” will be held at the Uji Culture Center on Sunday, December 15, 2019.

     This work is a story about the youth of brass club members enrolled in a fictional high school, set in Uji City, and in addition to Uji City’s sights and events, the trains and stations of our Uji Line are also drawn. The Please enjoy the performance from the stage “Uji” through this brass band event.

     This event will be held for a fee, and the proceeds (excluding necessary expenses) will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

     Details are as attached.


      Uji City x Keihan Train Christmas Concert
     ~ “Sound! From the stage of Euphonium-

     Sunday, December 15, 2019

     Start at 12:50 (Open at 12:20)

     Uji Cultural Center Large Hall

     1,500 yen for general, 1,000 yen for junior high and high school students, 500 yen for elementary school students and younger
     * Advance sales only (all seats reserved), scheduled to be released on Friday, November 15
    [Sales method]

     1. Ticket Pia: Seven-Eleven / Ticket Pia Store
     2. Lawson Ticket: Lawson / Ministop
     3.e +: Family Mart
    [Casting Group]

     Kitauji High School OB Brass Band, Uji City Uji Junior High School, KYOTO TACHIBANA HIGH SCHOOL, Kyoto Ryoyo High School, Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Subaru High School, Osaka Toho High School

     Uji, Uji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra corporation Uji City Tourist Association, Kyoto Bunkyo University, Keihan Holdings, Inc., Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

     Kyoto Prefectural Tea Cooperative

     Kyoto Prefectural Band Association

    (Reference) About the animation “Sound! Euphonium”
    ◆ Work introduction
    Original: Ayano Takeda (Treasure Island Publishing “Sound! Euphonium”)
    Animation production: Kyoto Animation
    April 2015 (Phase 1), October 2016 (Phase 2) ) An animated work that was broadcast on TV and the movie version (4 works) was also released.
    The latest movie “Sound for the Movie! Euphonium-The Finale of the Oath” was released in April 2019. The production of “Sound! Euphonium Kumiko 3rd Grade” has also been announced. The original novel has been published 12 volumes (as of 2019) by Takarajimasha.

    ◆ Story The
    Kitauji High School Band Club played in the All Japan Wind Band Competition last year.
    Kumiko Huangmae, the second grader, will be teaching the third grader Tomoe Kabe and the first grader who entered from April. Four students came to the bass part amidst many first-year students joining the national tournament school.
    Hisaishi Kanou who seems to have no problem at first glance. Misaki Suzuki does not try to get used to the surroundings. Satsuki Suzuki wants to make friends with Biei. Tsukinaga wants not to talk about himself.
    Sunrise festivals, auditions and competitions. The
    brass band with the goal of the “National Tournament Gold Award” , but problems broke out one after another …! ?
    Kitauji High School Brass Club, the days of turbulence start!


  5. New event、
    Christmas Concert (Hibike! Euphonium -festival arranged by Uji City and Keihan Electric Railway)
    December 15th、 at Uji City Cultural Center.
    Reference in Japanese


  6. Regular concert information(from Mr. J’s blog.)
    ROHM Theater Kyoto site.
    in Japanese (
    Date / Time / Venue
    Monday, December 23, 2019
    First performance at 14:30
    Second time 19:00
    Venue: Main Hall
    Ticket price
    All seats reserved
    A seat 1,000 yen
    B seat 700 yen (planned)
    Ticket release date
    November 17, 2019
    However, the purchase method is not described. (I think it’s via a ticket dealer.)


  7. Unfortunately, no videos of yesterday’s school events / open campus have been found so far. The target audience is also limited, and it is unknown whether videography was allowed in the first place. 


  8. “28th Garasha Festival”
    The Garasha Festival home page has been renewed.  However, nothing about the participation of KT is displayed yet.
    This year’s parade route has been announced.  Same as last year? I heard that the narrow road would be removed ……
    Well, the march itself is supposed to follow the old roads of the Garasha era.

    Marching route (in Japanese), traffic regulations and bus timetables are also included.
    Site explaining marching route (in Japanese)


      • Information known at the event that KT participated last year.
        1. “Parade Of Halloween Event in Kusatsu”, Other band will participate this year.
        2. “Musical Instruments Fair” is held once every two years and is not held this year.
        3. “Anniversary of the Establishment of the Agency of Cultural Affairs” last year is the 50th anniversary event, and it is presumed that it will not be held this year.
        4. “17th Kyoto Student Festival(main festival)” will be held on October 13th, details will be announced tomorrow. However, the description of the marching parade is not found, so there is little possibility of continuous KT participation.
        5. “Festival on Yabasekihan Island” will be held on November 2th. However, 6 bands from junior and senior high schools in Shiga Prefecture Will participate, so KT participation is not expected.

        Sorry for the negative information only … 
        As always, the new event is leaked out only immediately before.


  9. I’ll be in Osaka in November and I’m very happy to see that KT is scheduled to appear in the parade of the Garasha Festival on November 10th, It’ll be the first time that I get to experience them in person!
    If anyone has more information in the coming weeks on when exactly they are expected to perform (I would guess that the Garasha Festival takes place for most of the day), it would be great if you could post it here. I also noticed that the original twitter post with the announcement is only a screenshot, does anyone have the original Japanese text so we can translate it?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the link to the Garasha Festival’s web site. I’ve been checking it every now and then for updated info, but as of now I can’t find any concrete information on KT’s participation, and the event is already this coming Sunday… Does anybody have more info? I found some PDFs on the web site seeming to indicate the parade’s line-up, but I can’t find KT mentioned (or pictured). Am I overlooking something (which is entirely possible, since my Japanese reading skills are not great…)?
        Thanks for any pointers,


        • Hi Stephan-san This is a great Festival. Garasha Festival has a little of everything. Japanese History, wind Clubs. . Should get some good videos, The website is in Japanese , so you might have to have Google translate, unless you read Japanese. Also thanks ODF for the reference to Garasha’s website.


          • Hi DET, thanks a lot for the info! Sounds like you been to the Garasha Festival before. Looking at the route of the parade, do you have any recommendation on where’s your favorite place to watch it?


          • Stephan-san…. Sorry to say, I only have wished to have seen it in person, but only on video. There were a video of the festival made some years ago when KT was not so well known, but I haven’t been able to find it. I will keep looking and maybe upload on the BLOG where you can watch. This might take some time hahaha. arigatou


          • Hi DET, since I don’t see a “reply” link under your latest comment, I’ll reply to this one: That’s a good idea looking at past videos of the parade. And don’t worry, no need to search for the video, I think I know which video you mean, I’m sure I’ve seen it some time ago on Youtube. Its a long video following KT along the Garasha parade route.


          • Yea I saw this video some years ago. It is rather long. I kinda liked this festival the best. I can remember the video because there were Samurai actors dress up like Miyamoto Musashi and others.


          • If you search youtube for “kyoto tachibana ガラシャ”, you’ll find several videos that just follow KT along the route of last year’s parade.


        • Certainly, last year there was an announcement of the order of the procession. There has not yet been an announcement about the order of procession this year. The start time of the procession is only announced at 12:30. More information may be announced in the future. In any case, recommend that you pay attention to site updates.
          Note that. KT photo are very small.  (
          Second from the left in the bottom row.


          • Hi J.J., thanks for the tip, wow, I actually overlooked that picture, somehow I was trying to find something orange, I wonder why 🙂 ! That’s so cool that they will participate!


        • Lovers of the Happy Coats……
          Yeaaaaaaaaaa, their once a year appearance. Still look great, and what a great performance !! I can sense a new energy, besides a few “slips”….they look and sound confident, and are ready for the most important performance of the year. In just over a week….the Kansai Qualifications, and a trip to the Nationals. I think they look and sound right were they need to be. Nice NOT to see any of the old white Sousaphones either.
          Nice video….job well done from a secret seat in the School Festival Hall.


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